Oasis Catamaran

We are in love with our profession and we love what we do. We take care of our customers, our boat and our crew.


2 height deck: top in teak – bottom shadow area / / Always included on board at no extra cost: Paddle Surf + snorkel masks

Length: 15.23 meters / Beam: 7.43 meters / Depth: 1.35m / Engines: 2 Yanmar x 75 CV / Sail Area: 210 m2 / Maximum capacity: 45 people / Crew: 3 people / Bathrooms: 1 male and 1 female


We have the pleasure of presenting our OASIS catamaran, with base harbor in Palma de Mallorca.

It is a large and elegant catamaran, with an exclusive and customized design. The vessel was fully remodeled in 2015, offering a design and structure created specifically for the organization of on board Events and Tours. It is necessary to point out its teak deck, pearl gray hull and its elegant customized sails.

The catamaran has a 2 height deck. There's a solarium area on the top deck, and our bar is located on the bottom deck, where you can relax in the shade. 


Highly qualified and specialized crew.
Training in customer service. Personal and multilingual customer service.

Jose Ortiz

CEO, master skipper, naval mechanic and all-rounder regarding all aspects of a vessel Catamaran Oasis is his creation and life project.

Vanessa Moreno

CEO, Tourism Graduate and holds an MBA in service companies. Speaks Spanish, English, German and French, she is in charge of commercialization and customer service office.

Francisco Díaz

Master skipper, he speaks English, Spanish and a little German. Always with a smile and always aware that everyone feels confortable on board :)

Kevin Palma

Our most smiling sailor. He speaks Spanish and English, he has experience in customer service, as well as being a great bartender.

Dimitri Malkov

Master skipper and our most polyglot crew member. He speaks Spanish, English, German, Russian, Italian and French. He is very experienced in customer service and always on the lookout for details.

Miguel Domato

Sailor and mater skipper, lover of the sea. Always with a smile and a big heart. Social Educator and with great empathy.


Sailor and master skipper. Our Romanian on the team speaks Spanish and English, apart from his mother tongue. Friendly, attentive and cordial.

Miguel Ángel Sastre

Our most Mallorcan captain. He speaks English and Spanish. Experienced, cordial and in charge that you enjoy a pleasant experience :)

Sofía Cardozo

Sofia is in charge of the delights of our palate. She is an experienced chef, who puts love and taste in everything she does. Although you do not see her on board, she is in charge of preparing everything you taste.

Ana Condori

Kitchen Assistant. Training and experience in restoration, she takes care of every detail and puts love to everything she does.

Elena Palomo

Kitchen assistant, experience in restoration. She together with Sofi and Ana form a great kitchen team.

Why choose us?

We are aware that our REABILITY is our best guarantee. The enjoyment of our customers is not only determined by the quality of our services and teams, but also by the PROFESSIONALISM and the skills of our employees, including languages and customer service experience.



Highly qualified and specialized crew. Trained in catering and customer service. Personal and multilingual customer service.

Quality on board catering service.

Extra cocktail service. All drinks are top brands. This service is one of the higher rated by customers



Providing a memorable service means paying attention to all details, both material and personal.


Customer service

We are in love with our profession and we love what we do. We take care of our customers, our ship and our crew.

  • “I did not have high expectations because I’ve always thought this type of thing is “for tourists”. However, it was amazing, the boat is fantastic and the duration of the trip as well as the route itself are very pleasant. The best bit, without a doubt, is the crew, very attentive and efficient, they provide everything for the experience and encourage you to enjoy all the services. The catering is very good, varied and of high quality. I would 100% recommend, I would go again to try the evening excursion and the see the sunset from the boat.